An astute patriarch of a business family can accomplish the goal of growing wealth and asset protection through prudent planning, deliberated decisions and meticulous management. Safeguarding, growing and transitioning wealth smoothly to the next generations is even more difficult than creating it. The reason being, there are too many practical challenges at play.

Some of these challenges include:

There may be enough advisory firms out there to manage liquid assets. But the need is to have capability to advise & manage diverse asset classes.

Over the past decade, Metis has developed the capabilities to understand a 360-degree view of our clients’ portfolios of various asset classes – liquid assets, real estate, gold, commodities, investments into start-up & early-stage ventures, diversification into overseas investments, and so on.

We provide comprehensive, unbiased, and conflict-free advisory which not only brings peace of mind to our clients, but also achieves asset preservation and ring fencing from any potential business & family risks.

In addition to this, for any family which invests, owns and operates multiple businesses, we evaluate these businesses dispassionately to measure capital efficiency. In other words, we help our clients to wear an investor’s hat to look at their own businesses. Our clients find this to be a key differentiator of Metis in comparison to our competitors.

Key Service Offerings

Investment policy drafting, execution and course correction from time to time

Investment manager
evaluation & selection

Asset allocation
and diversification

Comprehensive reporting & review across various asset classes and advisors

Family orientation, training and capability-building on investment decisions & management

Family cashflow planning & lifestyle management

Book-keeping & taxation

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