One of the biggest challenges in sustaining value creation in business and better legacy planning is grooming and capability building of the family members in managing the business and its stakeholders. It is important to understand the interest of Gen Next early enough and embark on a formal preparatory process before inducting him/her into the business.

In family businesses, the typical method of induction is providing them senior designations at the time of joining, without adequate training or preparation. They observe the patriarch for a while, and then the family creates a new business or division for the young leader to prove him/herself. This is a sub-optimal way of induction, though it is widely popular in family businesses.

We at Metis have developed a customised mentoring and induction programme to bring in orderliness to this process.

There are various elements to the whole preparatory process of mentoring and coaching. We have structured discussions on a regular basis with the mentees in terms of understanding their personality, their goals at this stage of life, skill levels and their conviction to take the plunge.

In order to help them to arrive at greater clarity, we use various internationally acclaimed psychometric tools which provides deep insights. We adopt an expert companion (expanion) approach to help them navigate situations through an experiential learning process.

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