The biggest risk for a family business is the family and its alignment towards the business. Therefore, family harmony and cohesiveness is key to achieve both business and family goals. Given these factors, it is important for the leader of the family to focus on its governance and constant communication to achieve better alignment. However, considering the emotional and the generational challenges, and the bias among the family members, external intervention is often necessary to find amicable solutions.

Legacy is nothing but the process of the family becoming a brand by itself over a period of time. This is achieved by being consistent in its values, beliefs, and by sustaining its reputation. One of the essential factors for business families to consciously leave an enduring legacy is to ensure the business and the family have a larger purpose for their existence beyond wealth.

Over the past decade, Metis, as a family office, has built strong credibility & trust with our clients. We enable them to speak their mind, debate issues transparently and help them resolve before they become potential disputes. We have handled multiple amicable family settlements, as well as separation processes without legal proceedings and without compromising family harmony.

We help execute the above with:

We have carved a niche for ourselves as this offering places us at a higher pedestal compared to our peers in the industry.

Key Service Offerings

Enabling meritocracy through clarity in family member roles, remuneration structuring and share holding alignment

Succession planning – at the family level and the management team level

Gen Next induction & hand-holding into the business

Leadership transition from one generation to the other

Conflict & dispute resolution

Trusts, wills & estate planning

Family board formation

Preparation & execution of family constitution and charter

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