Metis has a larger purpose and has always strived to contribute in different ways to help the business community. Since its inception, apart from providing family office services to the business families, Metis has been conducting thought leadership initiatives on a regular basis to constantly engage family members across generations and create mutual learning opportunities. The purpose of these initiatives is to share knowledge, discuss matters concerning the family and business from time to time where eminent people from the industry share their thoughts, insights, ideas which are relevant to the current market realities and economic environment.

Our Initiatives


The Metis Foundation aims to advise business families to administer their charitable and philanthropic needs. We recognise the CSR requirements of our clients, and help them execute these plans.

One of our key focus areas is to encourage the involvement of every family member, to foster their engagement in noble causes.


Confluence is a “Thought Leadership” event which is organized in regular intervals. The purpose is to share knowledge through eminent people from the industry to discuss issues concerning the business and family. It’s a well-regarded event where more than 150 business families from various part of India attend. We have done 3 such events so far in the past. The past events focussed on wide ranging topics that provided significant insights on the business and family aspects.


Chanakya series is an interactive and specific initiative targeted at the Gen Next of the business families. As a part of our engagement process with business families, we interact with the Gen Next deeply in terms of understanding their aspirations, helping them to induct into their family businesses, grooming and mentoring them from time to time.

We started this initiative in 2014 where 60 Gen Next members from various business families participated and the encouragement was tremendous. This helps the scions of business families to learn from each other and also get their specific apprehensions answered through an experiential process.

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